Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bitcoin and Pluto (Part Three of Five)

The third exact conjunction from transiting Pluto to the Bitcoin Sun peaked yesterday.  As of now, the price is down maybe one third of the recent plateau.  Perhaps the price-slide of the past few months has been a lead-up to the current conjunction.  If so, there's a possibility of stability or even upward movement starting soon.  

The price spike of April 2013 coincided with a Pluto station conjunct (but not quite exact) the Bitcoin Sun.  The MTGox troubles and associated price crash of early 2014 correlate with the first two exact hits of Pluto to the Bitcoin Sun.  Pluto tends to bring extreme movements, positive or negative. 

We have two more this year, in August and November.  If the cryptocurrency survives the year, it may prove very difficult to kill.  I plan to buy in small amounts and cross my fingers. 

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