Saturday, February 7, 2015

Republicans 2016

Nancy, the hard-mainstream-Left blogger at Starlight News, has written a nice summary of the current Republican contenders for the US throne in 2016 and their relevant astrological weather.  She's done a good job here, and I'm not one to re-invent the wheel.  Her article is worth perusing.

In my opinion, Rand Paul is the most interesting of the bunch and Ted Cruz is worth watching albeit too compromised for me to support.  I care nothing for the rest and consider them to be RINO (Republican in Name Only):  they will give us the same policies as the Democrats will, with perhaps different rhetoric and different wars.

I've written about election day transits for some of these folks under the "election 2016" tag, linked below.  Unless Dennis Kucinich runs for president again, it seems unlikely to me that the Democrats will come up with anyone even vaguely human to put on the ballot. 

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