Thursday, February 12, 2015

Minsk Ceasefire

According to RT, Russia and Ukraine have just agreed on a ceasefire.  This is excellent news, but I am skeptical that the US will allow peace to last for long (having funded the Ukrainian coup to begin with).  The trigger seems to be stationing Mercury semisquare Pallas, on top of the Sun in wide opposition to Jupiter, ruler of Pallas. In my research, Pallas is always the trigger for peace agreements and the rollback of authoritarianism. Today's configuration is not terribly strong, and both Pluto and the South Node are in aspect to Jupiter, ruler of Pallas.  Whether the peace lasts, the people of the world can use all the peace they can get. 

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As a bonus, transiting Pallas is conjunct Vladimir Putin's progressed Sun, and transiting stationary Mercury is septile his progressed Pallas.

Putin is a mixed bag of goods with regards to economics and Russian human rights, but his foreign policy has tended to be very measured and reasonable.  His restraint, not shared in many world leaders including ours, is a blessing to the world. 

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