Saturday, February 14, 2015

Kitzhaber Scandal

Oregon governor John Kitzhaber has announced his resignation amid a public corruption scandal involving "clean energy".  We've looked at the astrology for one or two ethics scandals before.  They have tended to involve Jupiter transits to Pallas (ethics made public) as well as other interesting traits.  Here are transits for Kitzhaber at noon yesterday (the day of the announcement):

Transiting Jupiter opposite natal Pallas:  ethics or lack thereof made public.

Transiting Sun conjunct natal Pallas and transiting Pallas square natal Mercury:  special focus on ethics this week. 

Transiting North Node conjunct natal Neptune in the Ninth House:  public (Ninth House) deception (Neptune), amplified (North Node).

Transiting Saturn conjunct natal South Node in Sagittarius in the 11th House:  hidden elements (South Node) in the world of public affairs (Sagittarius and the 11th House), made manifest (Saturn). 

Transiting South Node and Uranus trine natal Pluto: loss (South Node) and interruption (Uranus) of power (Pluto). 

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