Monday, February 23, 2015

Jon Stewart

Daily Show anchorman and god-of-pundits Jon Stewart has announced that he is leaving his post after 15 years, citing "restlessness".  He has been an immensely powerful force in American politics, effectively using humor to pound his points home to the general public where polemics alone often fail.  From a libertarian perspective, he has been a mixed blessing.  On one hand, he has displayed a genuine concern for human rights and peace and has even treated recurring guest Ron Paul with respect and deference.  On the other, he also has tended to support mainstream-Left viewpoints which, upon close inspection, require the violation of human rights and weaken the possibility of peace:  aside from the Left-anarchist fringe, Leftism relies upon an all powerful government.  Government, by definition, exists only through the violation of human rights (particularly property rights) and relies on war to maintain its power.

Stewart's slightly-more-libertarian-than-average brand of Leftism appears strongly in his chart, even though his time of birth is not known to the public:

LibertarianPallas sesquiquadrate Sun and Mercury and widely conjunct North Node.
AuthoritarianPallas sesquiquadrate Jupiter and ruled by Moon which is parallel South Node.
There are strong factors including the nodes going in both directions here.  When this happens and involves the nodes, the typical tendency is to veer away from hard authoritarianism. 

Collectivist:   Venus conjunct Neptune.
Unless the unknown time of birth reveals other factors, this is a very solidly collective-property (as opposed to individual property) sort of chart.

Liberal:   Moon parallel South Node, regardless of time of birth. 
Unless the unknown time of birth reveals other factors, this is a culturally liberal chart.

Moon probably contraparallel Pluto, and Venus sextile Pluto.

Other chart features:

Sun conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius ("I am the voice of my ideology"), at the center of a T-Square between Pluto (against power) and a Jupiter-Chiron conjunction (publicizing of injury).

South Node conjunct Saturn:  possibly, the deprecation of authority.  

Pallas semisquare Uranus and sesquiquadrate Mercury, ruler of Uranus:  Pallas-Uranus connections are common (though not ubiquitous) in the charts of comedians.

The current Uranus-Pluto square is aspecting Stewart's Pluto, probably accounting for his impulse to move on.

Stewart is a bit of an ass-kissing (pun intended) disappointment now that Democrats control the throne, but he was a welcome voice of dissent when the Republicans were in power in the last decade.  I hope he returns to television when the Republicans get their next turn behind the wheel of the American death machine. 

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