Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pallas in Synastry

This took me years to figure out, when it should have been plainly obvious.

This page cites large-scale studies of the astrology of successful heterosexual marriages.  Among the many data points to come of of the research, a consistent activation of the husband's Pallas by planets and angles on the wife's chart appears.

Pallas rules practical intelligence, problem-solving, logic, skill, and ethics.  The question I asked myself was:  "why would a man seek a partner who activates his Pallas?". 

The real question I should have asked is:  "why would a woman seek a partner whose Pallas is activated by her chart?".  The answer, I now believe, is:  because Pallas rules the (libertarian) non-aggression principle (the majority of posts on this blog present evidence for this).  The last time I checked, spousal physical abuse was still rampant, and men were still generally physically stronger than women.  If the wife's chart activates the husband's non-aggression switch, abuse of the wife by the husband would seem much less likely. 

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