Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pallas in Synasty 2 / Queer Astrology 2015

See previous post for context.

I suspect that the benefits of this relationship aspect would not be limited to that of a heterosexual woman's chart aspecting a partner's Pallas, but in all cases wherein a partner's chart activates the other's Pallas.

Astrology for LGBTQ/et-al could stand to do some catching up with that for the hetero/cis-normative majority.  Ian Waisler's Queer Astrology Conferences have been a significant and welcome step in that direction.

I attended this year's conference this past weekend (actually I served on staff this year) and viewed it in a similar light as I did last time.  This time, as last, there were many truly wonderful presenters.  But, to steal some of the hard-Left terminology which pervaded the proceedings, the gathering was significantly dominated by a spirit of "Marxist-normative colonization" seeking to to present anti-capitalism and neo-Marxist models of thought as being representative of all present.  Gay men, given their relative affluence to other demographic groups would appear to be statistically more "capitalist" than their heterosexual counterparts.  For this reason and others, the conflation of the entire LGBTQ cause and Marxism is inherently deceptive.

The neo-Marxist division of all persons into either "oppressor" or "oppressed" may be arguably true, but is eventually disempowering and destructive to those who adopt it as a permanent world-view.  "Oppressed" minority groups who achieve parity in their host communities generally ignore the oppressor/victim narrative and succeed by working harder than their "privileged" counterparts -- often to disproportional success. 

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