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Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

time unknown

This is a chart for the TSA, the US Transportation Security Administration.  Also known as "Totalitarian Sexual Assault", the blue-shirted menace has been groping the privates of hapless tax-slaves at airports for over a decade.  This bit of "love from the Gov" has enraged and even harmed countless travelers, at the cost of many millions of dollars.  It has not credibly done Americans any measurable good (the shoe-bomber incident was a government PR stunt).

Some recent Drudge headlines regarding this most molestatious of agencies:

Groping Scandal is Business as Usual...
Abuse of passengers daily occurrence...
Naked-body scanners useless...

Agents Shielded From Prosecution...

Most of these go to the same article, but they tell a story that those of us who have been paying attention have known for years now.

Astrology gives us some insight into the gonad-grabbing government goon squad.

LibertarianPallas novile Mercury and ruled by Jupiter (trine Mercury and sesquiquadrate Sun).
AuthoritarianPallas conjunct South Node, quindecile and ruled by Jupiter which is quincunx Pluto.  The chart here is not without an ethical foundation, but ethics here are obliterated by the full astrological trifecta (South Node, Jupiter, Pluto) of ethics-killing evil.

While we do have a Venus quindecile to the North Node, we also have a wide Venus-Neptune square, the latter suggesting a willingess to "dissolve" social property boundaries.  In combination with the compromised Pallas, this is a precursor to criminality.  No guarantee of such, of course, but definitely the suggestion that the chart native is subject to the temptation of taking things not theirs.

Sun ruled by Mars; Jupiter sesquiquadrate Sun; Mars quincunx Jupiter.
We'd know more if we had a time of the signing of the Act that created our monster, but even without it, we can certainly see the Sun-Mars-Jupiter configuration, suggesting abundant "fire" or enthusiasm, that appears in the charts of rapists who do not murder their victims.  Without a time of "birth" for the TSA, we can't determine if the rest of the "Rapist Formula" exists in the chart. 

There's also some potent astro-poetry here, with Venus in Scorpio representing precious parts of ourselves we'd rather remain private, squared by an aggressive Mars-Uranus conjunction in Aquarius, representing the intrusion of technology and "the public" into our nether regions.  Mars here gains power from gentle aspects from both Pluto and Saturn, representing power and authority.

The yod from Mars in Aquarius (institutional aggression?) and Pluto in Sagittarius (eager/zealous power?) against Jupiter in Cancer ("the people" and their ideals?) is telling.  The yod becomes a kite with the inclusion of the Moon in Capricorn opposite Jupiter, perhaps representing an emotional need for security versus populist ideals? 

And of course, there's Saturn in Gemini opposite Pluto in Sagittarius:  Richard Tarnas associates Saturn/Pluto with conservative authoritarianism.  I think there's something to that observation, but lament that authoritarianism doesn't go away when the conservatives do. 

Why the recent spate of publicity around the TSA unethical dealings?  The TSA is currently undergoing a Pallas return.  During which, among other effects, a chart native's ethics get the spotlight.  Transiting Pallas is often a friend to the good and an enemy to those behaving badly. 

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