Sunday, May 3, 2015

Curt Cobain Suicide

I recently attended a talk on Chiron at the San Francisco NCGR by Maurice Fernandez.  He pointed out an example of Chiron's effect by examining the astrology of the death of Nirvana frontman Curt Cobain two decades ago.  My own research shows that one of the prime players in suicide events is transits to Pallas.  While this is "off-topic" and not a political event, it illustrates the power of Pallas, a focal point of this blog.

location of suicide was Seattle, not Aberdeen

Note Jupiter opposite both progressed and solar arc Pallas.  (Robin Williams' suicide occurred when Jupiter was opposite his natal Pallas).  Discordant Jupiter aspects to Pallas coincide with periods of ethical conflict or confusion. 

Solar Arc Chiron is conjunct Cobain's Pallas, suggesting injury to his ethical judgment (or an ethical judgement involving injury/disease?). This probably fulfills the role normally played by Pluto in suicide charts.

Transiting North Node conjunct Cobain Neptune:   the impulse to escape/dissolve, magnified. 

Transiting Chiron opposite Cobain's Sun and transiting Mars on Cobain's Chiron are the aspects that Fernandez singles out for this event.  

Probably contrary to Fernandez' intent, but my main takeaway from his talk was that Chiron can be lethal.  Perhaps the "healer" part of the "wounded healer" meme is not so much endemic to Chiron as a reaction to Chiron's malefic properties?  I haven't formed a solid opinion on Chiron yet, but I suspect that astrologers paint a rosier picture of the centaur than may be warranted. 

Curt Cobain:  great pop musician.  Shitty role model. 

astrolibertarianMay 3, 2015 at 12:48 PM Unreleased Cobain music coming out soon. ReplyDelete ALFJuly 1, 2015 at 7:53 PM watch this film (available on via bittorrent channels) and you will see that Kurt Cobain absolutely did not kill himself, he was murdered. might change your reading of the chart a little bit.

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