Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Texas Muhammad Cartoon Shooting

This has been an item in the news for the past day or so.  ISIS has reportedly taken credit for the failed massacre at the "Draw Muhammad" cartoon event and promised more.  One of the suspects has been under FBI watch: this illustrates the general uselessness of the FBI and has prompted Alex Jones types, with cause, to theorize that the event itself was a government-instigated "false flag" attack.

We might look at the event chart for a weak Bloodbath Formula:

time approximate

1.  Pallas sesquiquadrate Jupiter which rules Pallas and is quincunx Pluto.
2.  Neptune weakly square Mercury, ruler of Venus.
3.  Moon ruled by Pluto.
4.  Second House ruled by Pluto.
5.  Sun trine Pluto.

The Venus-Neptune link is weak and the Pallas configuration is partially mitigated by connections to the Sun.  The Jupiter-in-Leo sesquiquadrate to Pallas suggests identity politics overcoming ethics. 

My opinion has not changed:  the US should immediately stop funding Islamic radicals (and all other foreign entities).  Some elements of the Islamic world are prepared to enforce elements of Sharia which violate ethical standards accepted by nearly all other cultures.  These elements should prepare for bloody failure, particularly in places like Texas where their would-be victims can shoot back. 

Of course, the intended bloodbath failed because persons nearby were armed and used their armaments to halt the attackers.  Silly terrorists:  smart spree-shooters know that one should always target "gun-free" zones for maximum effect.  Liberals, with their Neptunian "our god the State will save us" mentality, make better victims because they have already trained themselves to behave like victims. 

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