Thursday, May 14, 2015

Astrology and God

This post is a bit "off-topic", and the idea I'm discussing here has been evoked in some way by at least one other astrologer (for instance, in the introduction to this book), but I so rarely hear it that I think it bears repeating -- even in an "out of context" setting such as this political astrology blog:

First, some observations about astrology in general:

1.  Astrological configurations tend to awaken or activate archetypes rather than predictably trigger events.  For example, Mars transiting your Sun could be any of a number of things including:  head injury, arguments, an especially active or contentious day, or an encounter with a particularly "masculine" or assertive person.  Almost as if some intelligence is picking words or symbols out of a hat (or out of the sky) and then challenging itself to create a story around them, starring you.

2.  Astrology works whether or not the native is aware of it or believes in it.  Which is why we can look at the chart for anyone, assuming the birth data are accurate, and line up the story of their life events with astrological transits and progressions.  In this way, it is bigger than we are. 

3.  Astrology works not only on people, but on animals and on "fictional" or human-created entities such as corporations and governments -- again without regard to whether the persons involved are aware of, or believe in, astrology.  There is arguably the possibility, then, that "we" are in some way equally as fictional as those entities we create.

These observations and others would seem to suggest some sort of over-arching intelligence to our existence on Earth, one that perceives and aggregates information using the same kind of archetypal/linguistic/symbolic processes that we humans do (see point 1). 

"God".  Maybe or maybe not the bearded white man in the Sistine Chapel, or the blue flute-playing child in Indian art, or whatever-the-fuck-they-worship in the eternal war zone of the Middle East... but some sort of larger-than-us, symbol-processing intelligence.  Maybe the Buddhists and New Age types are right and it actually sort of is us.

Whatever it might be, one could make the case, through astrology, that there is a larger and more powerful "brain" in the universe than us humans -- the "thinking" of which shapes our reality.  

This raises an interesting question about practitioners of meditation, who have trained themselves to stop thought.  Do they possess superior ability to shape reality through control of their own minds? 

We will resume our regularly scheduled program shortly.  

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