Thursday, May 21, 2015

Authoritarianism: Jupiter and Pluto

In my hundreds of cases of web-published research, I point out that "Left" versus "Right" are generally functions of the Moon, Venus, and their associated houses.  On top of this, the asteroid Pallas tends to shift chart natives slightly to the "Right" when particularly strong.  While understanding these factors is enough to place a chart of the political spectrum in the vast majority of cases, there are other significant factors which come into play.  Of these, the factor we discuss today is the difference between "Jupiterian" and "Plutonian" authoritarianism. 

To review, there are three factors which can weaken the ethical/logical faculties of Pallas and thereby open a chart native to authoritarianism and aggression:

1.  A discordant aspect from Jupiter to Pallas and/or her sign ruler(s).  This includes oppositions, squares, sesquiquadrates, semisquares, and quindeciles but not quincunxes.

2.  Any aspect from Pluto to Pallas and/or her sign ruler(s).

3.  An aspect from the South Node to Pallas and/or her sign ruler(s) that is stronger than the corresponding aspect from the North Node.  In my experience, this means conjunctions, trines, sesquiquadrates, and a few minor aspects but not oppositions, sextiles, and semisquares. 

The South Node is generally not a factor which has a great effect on its own for our purposes today.  It tends to combine with other factors with regard to Pallas to shape the outcome on the libertarian-to-authoritarian scale.

Authoritarianism indicated by discordant aspect from Jupiter tends to be based at least in part on a specific ideology.  The native tends to feel that it is acceptable to compromise a purely ethical position in order to advance the ideology.  This aspect is a literal metaphor for "the ends" (Jupiter) justifying "the means" (Pallas).  The ends in this case tend to be somewhat definable, and often involves defending a race, culture, or creed from perceived threats.  When the goal of a type of authoritarianism is met, the need to continue authoritarian measures is then seen as moot.  One case in point is Augusto Pinochet (Jupiter sesquiquadrate Neptune, co-ruler of Pallas in Pisces) who brought horrors onto suspected Communists but otherwise was not the worst of history's dictators.  Communist hunter Joseph McCarthy is another example (Jupiter contraparallel Mars, co-ruler of Pallas in Scorpio).  "Jupiterian" authoritarianism tends to appear but is not limited to what we currently call the Right. 

Authoritarianism indicated by influence from Pluto tends to reflect the pursuit of power for its own sake.  Power (Pluto) metaphorically subsumes ones ethics (Pallas), and power itself becomes the end sought.  These natives can often believe they are doing "good" but the net result of their actions is always more authoritarianism and not much else.  Plutonian authoritarianism is often marked by endless "progress" towards an undefined or constantly-shifting goal.  Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Nancy Pelosi, and Warren Buffett are among many famous politically-active natives born under a Pallas-Pluto conjunction.  Plutonian authoritarianism is largely but not entirely a Left-wing phenomenon.

In cases of mass-murder, it is nearly always transiting Pluto and not transiting Jupiter that is the deciding factor.  Accordingly, it is an open secret that the worst Left-wing regimes kill an order of magnitude more innocents than their counterpart on the Right.

Again, these are significant but by no means the strongest factors in placing a chart on the political spectrum.  They do, however, shed light on a few cases where the more obvious indicators don't tell the whole story. 

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