Saturday, June 20, 2015

Rampage in Graz, Austria

A man using employing a car and later a knife as a murder weapon has killed at least three and seriously injured more than 30, in a murderous spree in Graz, Austria.  A highly motivated killer can do as much damage using other implements as with a firearm, revealing a serious flaw in "gun control" logic.

These Bloodbath Formula blog posts are boring and repetitive precisely because the Formula consistently works.  On with it:

1.  Pallas ruler Jupiter quincunx Pluto (bridged by Venus and Moon).
2.  Venus widely trine South Node and widely quincunx Neptune.
3.  Venus quincunx Pluto.
4.  Moon quincunx Pluto.
5.  Sun quindecile Pluto

A couple of the factors here are (arguably) weak.  When all factors are strong, we tend to get higher casualty counts and/or multiple unrelated bloodbath events.  Like on 9-11-2001

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