Sunday, June 28, 2015

Gay Marriage SCOTUS Ruling

The Supreme Court of the United States has just legalized gay marriage, by prohibiting states from making it illegal.  This is clearly a "step forward" in terms of personal freedom:  same-sex couples who marry may now have the same legal status in the eye of the State as heterosexual couples.  It is, however, a case of the plantation master granting partial freedom to his slaves, as opposed to freeing them entirely.

Marriage, by libertarian thinking, should not be subject to the State at all.  It has been and should be primarily a social institution, defined by the church or other non-State social institutions.  The only reason the institution of marriage has come under the control of the State to begin with?  To prevent "miscegenation".  The mixing of races is no longer considered in the US to be an occurrence that needs to be curtailed.  Had State control of marriage dissolved along with the ideology that brought it into being, all of the recent and upcoming brouhaha about the definition of marriage would likely be nonexistent.  Voluntarily-formed communities would decide their own definitions of marriage rather than fighting over what single definition should be enforced by the guns of the State on everyone without exception.

Having gotten the obligatory rant out of the way, we now turn our attention to the somewhat interesting astrology of the announcement of the ruling.  I couldn't find a time, but "10am" seems like a pretty good guess because an early news story that day has a posting-time of shortly after that.  I'm guessing that the news outlet may have pre-written the story in anticipation of the event and then published it after the story was officially confirmed.

exact time unknown

Mercury opposite Pallas with no mitigating factors:  this is a "perfect" configuration for events that is friendly to peace and human rights, though the interaction of this chart with the charts of affected individuals and organizations may sometimes tell a different story.  The intersecting square from Chiron suggests wounding/healing/adjustment relating to ethics. 

Sun conjunct Mars in Cancer, semisquare Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo:  action/contention in the cultural sphere at odds with the current zeitgeist regarding the expression of love.  

Lunar Nodes square Sun/Mars in Cancer:  a fateful event regarding culture.  

Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Leo, (probably) on the Ascendant:  ideology regarding romantic relationships is at work.  

Retrograde Saturn (probably) in the Fourth House in Scorpio semisquare Pluto (probably) in the Fifth House in Capricorn:  Saturn here may represent conservative cultural values on sex, at odds with the Plutonian power of the State asserting itself in the (Capricorn) structure of romantic relations.  

Mercury (probably) in the Tenth House sesquiquadrate the Moon in Libra in the Third House, quincunx Pluto, trine Neptune in the Seventh:  Mercury in the Tenth may represent the voice of authority, speaking on how the culture treats relationships (Moon in Libra), the role of power in the realm of romance (Pluto in the Fifth), and the dissolving (perhaps) of "marriage" itself (Neptune in the Seventh).  At least as the conservatives see it...  

Grand TrineVenus/Jupiter in Leo, Uranus in Aries (probably) in the Ninth House, and Pallas in the Fourth House.  More of the same messages as from much of the rest of the chart:  a shock or breakthrough in the law (Uranus in the Ninth) regarding love relationships (Venus/Jupiter in Leo) and involving ethics (Pallas).  

Congratulations to the LGBTQ crowd for a significant victory -- with the warning, of course, that what the State grants it may also take away.  Conservatives have received yet another lesson that, in the end, the State is not their friend. 

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