Friday, July 3, 2015

They Can't Help It

The gist of the political astrology research posted here is that political ideologies are astrological complexes.  Strongly held sociopolitical beliefs are basically always in the charts of those who hold them.  If you feel in your heart of hearts that any one ideology is the indisputable truth, that ideology is in your birth chart.  If, at some point, you change your ideology then both the potential for change and the final ideology are also in the birth chart.  The game is rigged.  People with unshakeable sentiments about politics, economics, and culture were born with them

The screaming Maoist revolutionaries at protest rallies?  They can't help it.  
The arrogant "capitalism or death" Ayn Rand devotees?  They can't help it.
The "social justice" warriors who love every race and culture but their own?  They can't help it.  

If we apply logic to this observation, we see that "re-education" and forced political indoctrination are doomed to fail. We can't truly change in the ideological spectrum unless that change itself is a part of the astrological "karma" we were born with.  And we certainly can't change others.  The only options for dealing with those different than us:  1. learn to co-exist, 2. live separately with members of our own group, or 3. forcibly kill or isolate the "others".  The third option is untenable, though this has not stopped humans from trying.  Co-existence, either all together or in voluntarily separate groups, is the only sane option. 

There is only one ideological framework that can accommodate us all:  anarcho-capitalism.  Under an anarcho-capitalist umbrella, consenting persons can create private collectives of any size and any stripe: fully Communist, Democratic-Socialist, racial-separatist, nudist, Randian... the sky and the practical merits of the ideologies themselves are the limit.  Under any kind of State apparatus, however, voluntary communities that pose a viable alternative to the State itself are generally crushed with violent force by that State. 

In this way, libertarianism, of which anarcho-capitalism is a subset, is the most humane and compassionate of all political systems.  It is the only overarching framework under which peace is possible. 

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