Thursday, August 6, 2015

Blacks, Babies, Lions, and Death

Very briefly, some headlines in the news these days, with short astrological correspondences. 

1.  An American hunts and kills "Cecil the Lion" in Africa, prompting public outrage.
        Jupiter (publicity) in Leo (get it?) sesquiquadrate Pluto (death).  

2.  "Black Lives Matter" interrupts the Netroots Nation conference and later uses the Cecil uproar to point out that America cares more about a dead lion than about blacks killed by American police.
        Mars in Cancer (race/family) conjunct Mercury (messaging) opposite Pluto (death) in mid-July.
        Mars in Cancer quindecile Pluto in early August.  Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Leo, both sesquiquadrate Pluto. Mercury has metaphorically carried the message from Mars to Jupiter.  

3.  Conservative uproar regarding videos revealing the (alleged) sale of aborted fetuses and parts thereof by Planned Parenthood.
        Mars in Cancer (family/motherhood) opposite and then quindecile Pluto (death/taboos/money). 

Pallas is in Sagittarius now, and her ruler Jupiter has been sesquiquadrate Pluto.  Compromised ethics (Pallas/Pluto) made public (Jupiter/Sagittarius).

Have you noticed how racial issues and abortion debate tend to come (not always, but often) into the public media at around the same time?  In my experience, both are connected to Cancer/Moon/Fourth-House themes.  There is also an ugly non-astrological connection in that Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger actually made it her life's mission, not to help women but to eliminate Black people.

In the interest of full disclosure, my position on abortion is that the uncomfortable debate should continue to make us all feel uneasy with both the full "pro-life" and "pro-choice" positions.  I fall into neither camp. 

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