Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Misconceptions Left and Right

I've opined before that Neptune rules the political Left and that the political Right is basically a coalition of anti-Left forces which don't share a single coherent ideology.  This divide, I believe, is a product of the Neptunian Age of Pisces.  In this age, Neptune and his otherworldly energies infuse nearly all human endeavor and thought.  Our sociopolitical divisions are no exception.  If this theory is correct, the Left represents the reigning zeitgeist.  In the context of the Age, (and as is reflected in their slogans and keywords), the Left does as they believe represent "forward" thinking and "progress"...  but as defined by Neptune.  The Leftist agenda, accordingly, is wonderful for spreading the spirit and energies of Neptune:  it has mixed results for humanity on a practical level. 

The central Leftist misconception is the underlying belief that physical matter obeys metaphysical rules.  Leftists believe (not always openly, but certainly expressed through policy) that physical wealth can be generated by demanding/wishing for wealth (minimum wage, economic controls), destroying wealth (Keynesianism), and/or giving it away freely (welfare statism).  They believe that by dissolving (Neptune) all cultural norms and institutions humanity can arrive at a transcendent future condition.  The holy pilgrims never arrive at the promised land because they've dissolved (so to speak) the boat they're using to get there.  And, of course, "there" is either never fully defined or is a moving target.  This is exactly the way one might approach the attainment of spiritual enlightenment or realization, but isn't the way to run a society living in a physical world. 

In contrast, the most common Right-wing misconception is that metaphysical consciousness (God, et al) is bound by the the drives and norms of human society in the physical world.  On the Right, "God" wants us to hate homosexuals, revere the political system of our enslavement, and deny full human rights to women and minorities.  "God" wants us to elevate human clannishness to the point of seeing our nation as "the greatest" and seeing others as worthy of being bombed to death.  These are man's inclinations.  God, by definition, is concerned with things of a far less prosaic nature. 

Overdo Neptune and you wreck society.  Under-do Neptune and you starve your own spirit.  It is possible, I think, to avoid both pitfalls. 

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