Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Timothy Olyphant

The charts of actors tend to reflect the characters they portray.  Timothy Olyphant is regularly cast as a hero gunslinger with anger issues and a bit of a "sliding scale" of morality.  He has played this role in TV series' "Justified", "Deadwood", the movie "Hitman", and probably a number of other productions in his career.

time unknown

ApollonianPallas trine Sun and square Mercury
DionysianPallas conjunct Pluto
As per his characters, a very "the end justifies the means" kind of configuration.  Leaning toward the ethical/Apollonian but with a very strong Dionysian component.

Unaspected Mars:  corresponding, pernaps, with the anger issues and somewhat awkward sexuality of his most famous roles.

Moon opposite or quindecile Pallas:  potential facility in combat.

Sun/Jupiter/Neptune T-square:  perhaps suggesting a knack for "disappearing" (Neptune) into "public champion" (Jupiter in Leo) roles. 

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