Monday, November 2, 2015

US Ground Troops Invade Syria

This Halloween, the embattled nation of Syria faced a new horror.  In the latest move of the deadly  ongoing chess match between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin, the US has just moved ground troops into Syria.  This is ostensibly to fight ISIS but educated observers tend to know that this is a move to destabilize Assad, in contravention to Russia's recent move to protect his regime.  Russia is in Syria by invitation -- the US presence there is unwelcome, illegal, conveniently strengthens ISIS, and is responsible for the the "migrant crisis" and accompanying Swedish rape epidemic

Syria's chart currently suffers from:

Solar arc Pluto conjunct Syria Ascendant, Syria Jupiter, progressed Mars:  change and death.

Transiting Chiron and Uranus in aspect to Syria Ascendant: injury and shock.

Transiting Pluto opposite US Sun: crisis/death.

Solar arc Saturn conjunct US descendant: bringing difficulty to others.

Transiting Mars/Venus conjunct US Neptune in the Ninth House and square US Mars:  covert (Neptune) action (Mars) in the international sphere (Ninth House) probably involving money (Venus).  Note that transiting Mars happens to aspect the natal Mars of both Obama and Putin.

Progressed Moon square US Pallas:  warriors/soldiers/fighting. 

Solar arc Uranus in Aquarius conjunct US South Node in the Second House:  perhaps representing USgov's illogically lashing out at the world (Uranus in Aquarius) in an idiotic attempt to stem the results of its own failed economic policy (South Node in the Second).

I am ashamed that I pay taxes.  Ashamed. 

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