Wednesday, December 2, 2015

San Bernadino Shooting

At least 14 people dead and 14 more injured in mass shooting inside a California learning disability center.  I suggested in this post that we might see more bloodshed before the current Pallas-Pluto conjunction was up.  I see no reports of concurrent violent events, so the Bloodbath Formula in the event chart should be relatively weak.

Bloodbath Formula:

1.  Pallas conjunct Pluto.
2.  South Node at Second House cusp. 
3.  Pluto square Mars (Second House ruler) 
4.  Pluto trine Moon.
5.  Pluto parallel Sun

The expression of the formula here is weak, but transiting Pluto is currently novile California's Pallas and quincunx California's solar arc Pallas, making the state a bigger target than normal.  There's probably something similar going on with the charts for San Bernadino and the afflicted enterprise.

Obama is no doubt calling for population disarmament again, reminding me of why I'm sorry I was ever a left-liberal.  "Gun control" measures can only be a public good in a society where police response times are instantaneous and police never experience lapses in judgement or commit crimes.  Ha. 

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