Sunday, December 13, 2015

Paris Climate Deal

This is about the "Climate Deal" just signed in Paris by nearly 200 nations.

First, what should be obvious:  any deal that doesn't immediately enact the stand-down of all active US military forces abroad is bullshit.  The US military is the planet's biggest polluter, by far, even in peacetime.  Such a deal was, of course, not passed.  Therefore this past summit was basically just an excuse for world "leaders" to jet around the world, eat caviar together, snarl traffic in Paris with their security motorcades, and boast of their environmental compassion.  Anything of impact in the deal will do what all government environmental regulation does:  empower the oligarchs, squeeze the working class, stifle innovation, protect major corporations from competition by lean upstart competitors, and move natural resources from the ever-improving private sector to the ever-worsening government sector.  If this were about the Earth, the US military would be the item of discussion.

And that's all assuming that Anthropogenic Global Warming theory is correct.  I do not share this assumption, but acknowledge (as our overlords do not) that many theories of climate exist and that there is as yet no true consensus.

time is approximate

Neptune conjunct/parallel MC:  a big delusion/deception

Neptune trine Venus in Scorpio in the Fifth House:   said deception leading to a payoff in investments by the oligarchs. 

Pallas conjunct Pluto:  "do what thou wilt" -- might makes right.  Ethics are for peasants.

Pallas parallel North Node:  the deal may slowly self-destruct as its illogic becomes obvious.

T-Square -- Uranus in Aries in the 10th opposite Mars in Libra in the Fourth, both square Pluto in Capricorn in the Seventh:  innovation in business besieged by populist environmental action and plutocratic power-grab from foreign national powers.

Jupiter conjunct North Node in the Fourth square Sun in Virgo in the Sixth:  a hyped-up environmental lobby (probably) overwhelms the needs of the workforce.

Saturn at the Sixth square Neptune at the MC:  worker infrastructure overruled by dreaming/delusion/deception.

Moon conjunct Mercury in the Sixth:  emotional language to soothe the masses about an economy-stunting measure that will inevitably kill many of their poor. 

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