Saturday, December 19, 2015

Bitcoin Up More

In this post I suggested the possibility that the Bitcoin price would peak in the first two weeks of this month, due to Jupiter conjoining the Bitcoin Saturn.  It did in fact do this, four days after the perfection of the transit... but then quickly rebounded and kept creeping upward.  So while Jupiter may have been a factor in the recent rise, it was apparently not the only factor.  So here are more upcoming astrological "inflection points" that may mark a potential peak (give or take five days or so).

January 8 2016:  transiting Neptune conjunct Bitcoin's progressed Venus.  I normally think of Neptune/Venus as a negative for price but it might also represent illusory value or unrealistic evaluation.  Also there is a Jupiter retrograde station very close to Bitcoin's Saturn the day before.  Maybe we're looking at a peak-and-crash. 

February 8 2016:  transiting Jupiter conjoins Bitcoin's Saturn again.  Saturn rules a few of Bitcoin's planets including the Sun

February 23 2016:  transiting North Node conjunct Bitcoin's Saturn.

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