Thursday, February 4, 2016

Santorum Drops Out

I didn't fully register that Rick Santorum was running for President again, but this matters not: he has just dropped out.  As with Rand Paul who has also dropped out, Santorum did not do well enough in the Iowa caucuses to justify going on.  And, as with Paul dropping out, we have significant activity involving our injurious astrological friend Chiron.

times unknown

Transiting Jupiter and North Node quincunx Santorum Chiron:  public injury which impacts the future.

Transiting Uranus conjunct solar arc Chiron:  injury, perhaps unexpected.

Transiting Pluto/Mercury/Venus square solar arc Chiron:  news that brings "death" and injury, possibly involving money.

Unless you are actually in the business of healing and fixing things and people, Chiron is probably not your friend. 

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