Sunday, April 17, 2016

America First Committee

Wiped from politically-acceptable history, the mostly but not entirely Right-wing America First Committee was by some accounts the center of the largest anti-war movement in the history of our civilization.  FDR's entry into World War II was not forced by the attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan but driven from years before that by a powerful coalition of pro-war interests.  Starting in 1940, the America First Committee fought this coalition in order to keep America at peace amid the rising clamor for battle.  They would lose, and after the war be all but erased from public memory.

time unknown / location uncertain

ApollonianPallas parallel Sun and ruled by Mercury which is conjunct Sun.
DionysianPallas sesquiquadrate Jupiter.
The Dionysian/authoritarian side is not nonexistent, but the Apollonian factors are very strong.  On "The Axis of Good and Evil" this chart probably lands in the "Libertarian" quadrant, but with a "Statist" lean.  This is consistent with the central goal, peace, but also helps explain unfortunate racist leanings in some corners of the membership (along with the Moon/North-Node aspect). 

Capitalist:  nothing time-independent. 
CollectivistVenus sextile Neptune.
We don't know if there were capitalist vectors in this chart, but it's known that the Committee had members from both the Left and Right economically

ConservativeMoon (probably) conjunct North Node.
Liberal:  no time-independent factors.
Assuming the Moon is conjunct the North Node, this helps explain the Right-wing lean of the overall organization, its name, and the racist leanings of some of its membership.

Sun-Mercury-Mars conjunction in Virgo:   Battle for a practical end through communication.

Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus:  An organization binding together and giving practical direction to numerous ideologies.

Pallas conjunct Neptune and trine Uranus:  envisioning a new world.

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