Saturday, May 28, 2016

Bill Clinton

Since possibly suffering brain damage during heart surgery, former US President Bill Clinton has mostly stayed out of the spotlight.  He has decided to allow his wife Hillary, the former First Lady and presumptive front-runner for US President, to have the spotlight to herself this election season.  Bill is not the rock star politician he was decades ago -- he is "damaged goods" now that, on top of being a corrupt mass-murderer, he now also appears to be a brutal serial rapist.  Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump is now drawing attention to Bill Clinton's troublesome rape allegations, giving us an excuse to examine the former President's chart. 

On one hand, Bill Clinton's reign was a bright spot in recent American history, boasting of a frenzied economic boom and a general spirit of optimism and hope.  Behind the scenes, however, cheap liquidity from the Fed fueled the massive mal-investment of capital which would bring the coming economic crash, and the Deep State was quietly laying the groundwork for war and domestic tyranny.  The fascistic horror of the GWBush and Obama administrations would not have been possible without years of preparation by the federal government in the 1990's.  History now suggests that Bill Clinton was not the great hero that many Americans saw in him, but an extremely problematic and even villainous figure.  Which means, of course, that his chart should not yield great surprises for regular visitors to this blog.

ApollonianPallas in the Third House parallel Mercury and trine Sun, ruler of Mercury.  Pallas is ruled by Jupiter which is trine the North Node.
DionysianPallas conjunct South Node and sesquiquadrate Pluto.
Both Dionysian/authoritarian and Apollonian/libertarian vectors are strong, but the Pallas conjunction to the South Node potentially overrules the ethical vectors.  On "The Axis of Good and Evil" this puts Clinton into the "Statist" (authoritarian) category, the most potentially dangerous one.

CapitalistVenus widely trine North Node.
CollectivistVenus conjunct Neptune; Second House co-ruler Mars conjunct Neptune and co-ruler Pluto widely trine South Node.
It's unusual to see a capitalist vector in a Left-wing politician, but not unheard-of.  Many liberals in the 90's took to calling Clinton "the best Republican President" perhaps in part for some economic policies that conservatives might agree with.  Mixed signatures like this usually identify as conservative, but in this case the collectivist indicators are probably quite a bit stronger than the capitalist one.  Criminal types virtually always have the "collectivist" indicator on top of a "Dionysian" Pallas. 

Conservative:  Venus (ruler of Moon) widely trine North Node..
LiberalMoon quincunx South Node and ruled by Venus which has "collectivist" aspects (above).
The "liberal" side wins, helping to explain why the Right hated him.

We have to look for the Bloodbath Formula.  Clinton murdered hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, mostly children, through economic sanctions, launched airstrikes in Kosovo to distract the media from his sex scandal, was involved in the Waco Massacre, and is accused by conspiracy-researchers of being complicit in the OKC bombing.  Also:  "Arkancide".  The Bloodbath Formula is also generally present in the charts of rapists whose charts do not contain the Rapist Formula.
1.  Pallas conjunct South Node and sesquiquadrate Pluto..
2.  Venus conjunct Neptune; Second House co-ruler Mars conjunct Neptune and co-ruler Pluto widely trine South Node.
3.  Venus tightly sextile Pluto, which rules the Second House.
4.  Pluto sextile Venus (ruler of Moon) and conjunct Saturn (ruler of Fourth House).
5.  Sun widely conjunct Pluto which is conjunct Saturn and septile Uranus (rulers of Fifth House).

Statist + moderate collectivist + cultural liberal + Bloodbath -> left authoritarian.   Many, including myself, were too blinded by our temporary dot-com wealth to notice that the State under Clinton was gearing up for a major offensive.  Many conservatives did notice, however, and were ignored.

Sun square Moon: suggesting a contentious relationship with women.  This third-quarter square also evokes the context of his administration in recent history, as the "last hurrah" before things go dark. 

Venus-Mars-Neptune triple conjunction:  shady financial dealings, and (probably) hidden rape.

Pallas in the Third House parallel Mercury and trine Sun, ruler of Mercury:  not just a libertarian indicator, Pallas-Mercury is an indicator for general analytical intelligence.  Clinton reportedly had a very high IQ.  

Mercury-Saturn-Pluto triple conjunction (sextile Venus):  I did not (Saturn) have sex (Pluto) with that woman (Venus).

Uranus conjunct North Node:  many US Presidents with high body counts have this conjunction.

Mars sesquiquadrate Moon in the Eighth:  suggesting sexual violence against women.  Mars/Moon contact is part of the Rapist Formula, but Clinton does not have the full formula. 

Mars in Libra Rising:  Clinton was infamous for flying off the handle and abusing those around him.

I voted for Clinton in my misguided Left-liberal youth.  I'm trying to atone. 

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