Sunday, June 19, 2016

Bitcoin Surges

In the past month, the price of Bitcoin has nearly doubled from a plateau of around 450USD to its current level of about 760USD.  The best prior indication that this was going to happen is not astrological but technical -- Bitcoin is due for a block halving which will reduce the rate of currency production by 50 percent.

However, as usual there are interesting astrological connections.  This year's long conjunction of the transiting North Node and Jupiter falls in the Bitcoin horoscope's Second House (suggesting growth/increase of value) and forms a trine with Bitcoin's Sun (suggesting growth/increase in a general sense).  While Jupiter is moving slowly out of aspect, the North Node's trine to Bitcoin's Sun perfects on July 19, nine days after the block halving.  The technology and the astrology seem to be on the same page that this July could prove pivotal for the Bitcoin price. 

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