Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Terror: Istanbul

Explosions and gunfire at the Istanbul Airport on Tuesday, killing around 50.  ISIS is the presumed culprit. 

reported between 10 and 1030pm

Bloodbath Formula
1.  Pallas septile PlutoPluto trine Jupiter (ruler of Pallas). 
2.  Venus trine Neptune and South Node.
3.  Venus opposite Pluto.
4.  Pluto square Moon
5.  Sun opposite Pluto.

This is the same Pallas-Pluto septile that brought us the recent Orlando attack.  The horoscope of Turkey is at the receding end of a Pluto-to-Pallas transit.

Islam's liberal apologists in the West have a growing problem.  For as Islamic violence continues to plague the world, it becomes ever harder to insist that theirs is a "religion of peace".

Good luck with that, and Happy Ramadan!

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