Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Word on Bernie Sanders

The true-believers on the far Left are weeping and gnashing their teeth over this week's endorsement of criminal Hillary Clinton by "Democratic Socialist" hero Bernie Sanders.  I snort in derision of these fools.  He was always a "sellout" even on Leftist terms.  Most liberals (and conservatives) can't be bothered to spend ten minutes on the internet to make sure they're not backing a dud.  It's why Barack Obama is president.

In the end, however, all but the staunchest of libertarians are "sellouts".  Because to believe in democracy is to believe that popularity equals moral rectitude.  To believe in the State is to believe that might makes right.

And to believe, as the Left does, that concentrating power will de-concentrate wealth is pure insanity:  wealth follows power.  It always has and it always will.  Which is why Communist leader Hugo Chavez's daughter is a billionaire and the average citizen of Venezuela can't buy toilet paper.

Seriously, wake the fuck up.  I did

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