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Socialist paradise and proof that the Left was right about everything all along...  or a poison-brewing petri dish of untenable socio-economic experimentation?  A paradise of enlightened progressive thinking...  or a soon-to-be third world Islamic rape camp?  What do the planets tell us of Sweden, this most intriguing of modern nations?

ApollonianPallas opposite Sun.
DionysianPallas septile South NodePallas ruler Mercury trine Pluto.
On "The Axis of Good and Evil" this puts Sweden between the "Libertarian" and "Statist" quadrants, but with a gradual shift towards the "Statist" or authoritarian side.  There is, after all, no such thing as a libertarian welfare state.

Capitalist:  nothing.
CollectivistVenus co-ruler Mars trine Neptune; Second House ruler Moon trine South Node
This explains all the Lefty economics.  Hints of capitalism such as the low corporate taxes and the habit of rolling back the welfare programs every other decade come more from the Pallas/libertarian vector than from Venus or the Second House.

Conservative:  nothing.
LiberalMoon and Sun (ruler of Moon and Fourth House) trine South Node.
So, yes, very liberal

increasingly statist + collectivist economics + cultural liberalism -> no great suprise
My opinion based on the astrology thus far is that the current incarnation of Sweden is untenable in the long term.  At some point, perhaps sooner than we think, the Swedish people will have to re-organize and create a more sustainable system for themselves.  Because Sweden's population is tiny (roughly that of New York City), massive third-world Islamic immigration could soon force a massive and probably violent culture change unless it is halted very soon.  Something's gotta give.

Some more tidbits:

Sun/Mars in Sagittarius in the Sixth:  A focus on processes (governmental and otherwise) driven by ideological action (as opposed to practical concerns). 

The Sixth House is entirely intercepted (in some house systems) in Sagittarius (ideology) and sign ruler Jupiter is opposite Uranus in Cancer, suggesting that the relevant ideology is largely influenced by a strong impulse towards cultural (and even racial) disruption and/or change.  Even more, Jupiter (again ruling the Sixth House of processes and policies) is square Neptune in Aries, reflecting Sweden's history of enacting ideologically-driven policies which are dangerously out of touch with physical reality.

Moon in Leo semisquare Uranus in Cancer:  Cultural identity disrupted by foreign culture? Because the Moon rules the Second House, this disruption spreads into the financial sphere.

Moon in Leo sesquiquadrate Jupiter in Capricorn:  Cultural identity opposed by ideology held by authorities? Because the Moon rules the Second House, this spreads into the financial sphere.

Moon square Pluto in Taurus in the Eleventh:  Might this represent the people/culture of Sweden under threat from the EU technocratic/central-banking elite?  Perhaps it may also represent the oil wealth of the nation which has helped fund the welfare state measures... which in turn have decimated Sweden's once-proud Protestant work ethic.

Moon quincunx Chiron in Pisces:  wounding of the people from a foreign and/or religious (Piscean) source? 

Saturn in Scorpio (in the Fifth or Sixth) opposite Pluto in Taurus (in the Eleventh or Twelfth):  possibly representing the constant battle between the impulse to revolutionize wealth (Pluto in Taurus) and the practicalities of power (Saturn in Scorpio).  Sweden has regularly introduced sweeping socialist programs in its history, only to quietly roll them back later to a point that would make American conservatives jealous.

Unaspected Venus in Scorpio (ignoring the novile with Mercury):  I can't help but wonder if this is connected to the current rape epidemic being perpetrated by Islamic "refugee" men.  Sweden's women receive no help in this, reflecting the lack of aspects to Venus.  There's also a "Rapist Formula" in Sweden's chart -- most aspects are fairly clear but it takes a moment to see that Mars is widely conjunct the rulers of the Moon and the Fourth House. 

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