Saturday, August 13, 2016

Progressed US Chart and 2016 Election

In the March 22 2016 edition of the "E-News Commentary" published for members of the NCGR, astrologer Joseph Addeo points out an interesting correlation between the progressed chart for USA (Sibley), and the coronation of Bill Clinton in 1993 and the current (2016) presidential election.  He points out that in 1993, the US progressed Mercury stationed retrograde, and that it is currently progressing direct in 2016.  This, he says, suggests that a similar astrological energy to that in 1993 is in the air... and thus, another Clinton win is likely.

Without making a prediction myself, I'd like to point out an alternate interpretation of the same phenomena.  For in the Sibley chart, Mercury rules the Seventh House of relating to "others".  In the charts of nations, this generally means other nations.  In the past 23 years of the progressed Mercury retrograde, it can be argued that US foreign policy has been going "backwards" starting with Bill Clinton's treaty-breaking with Russia, escalating to the senseless Bush-Obama wars and interventions (egged on by Senator and later Secretary of State Hillary Clinton).  All of this has moved us perilously close to a third world war.

In this context, the direct station of progressed US Mercury might suggest that US foreign policy might soon again move in the opposite of its current "backward" direction; that is to say: forward.  This might mean the leader at the helm of the nation will not be one of the architects of the current "retrograde" foreign policy (Clinton), but someone with an altogether different outlook on US foreign policy.  And with the long-term indicators of American libertarianism rising, there is an additional astrological reason to hope for an American pivot towards non-interventionism.  The key word here being "hope".  

astrolibertarianAugust 13, 2016 at 11:32 AM ReplyDelete Spacer79August 14, 2016 at 12:51 AM God help us if Clinton is elected. She isn't that popular anyways, have you seen her rallies? You can here the crickets chirping. She is having seizures and nearly collapsing from ill health. It's the Khazarian mafia that's keeping her in place. The United States is a corporation however so it doesn't matter so much who is elected, unless the new president actually takes on that corporation and the central bankers.

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