Sunday, September 4, 2016

Obama Joins Putin Against ISIS

This is contra to the character of Barack Obama.  His natal Pallas (representing intelligence, logic, and ethics) is completely non-functional.  He does things that are "good" from a logical/libertarian perspective only when under the direct influence of an "Apollonian" Pallas-related transit.  During these times the planets temporarily "upgrade" him into a reasonable person capable of rational and strategic thought and action.  Examples are the normalization of relations with Cuba, the halting of the impending US invasion of Syria, and the 2015 nuclear treaty with Iran.

Obama is behaving in an (uncharacteristically) constructive manner.  Therefore we can be sure to find Pallas-related astrological weather for him right now.

event time unknown

Obama's Second House Pallas is being "triple-teamed" by a transiting conjunction from Chiron and flanking semisextiles from transiting Pallas and Uranus (with Obama's Pallas at the midpoint).  Transiting Mercury is opposite Obama's Pallas and last week's solar eclipse would have been quindecile Obama's Pallas.

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