Monday, October 17, 2016

World War Three?

In early September, the normally belligerent US government was making uncharacteristic moves to work with Russia in Syria.  A week later, the US military "accidentally" violated the resulting cease-fire and then was soon back to its old tricks.  US politicians have been openly calling for acts of war against Russia, and blaming Putin for "hacks" with little evidence (for all we know, the "hacks" may have been internal leaks).  Russia has been running massive civilian evacuation drills.  The US mainstream media has been helping to beat the war drums while remaining silent on the risk that our overlords will destroy us all.

Readers of this blog know that the astrological precursor for recklessly evil behavior and ethical crises is the Pluto-to-Pallas transit.  Last month's Pluto station hit the US (Sibley) and Russia horoscopes pretty hard.  I would argue that the current madness is fallout from this event and the further we get from the day of the station the more likely we will evade the nuclear war that US Democrats are furiously trying to initiate.  And yes, based on the evidence, I really do believe our politicians really are insane enough to do it.

Onto the Pluto station charts:

Transiting stationary Pluto novile US Pallas, sextile progressed Pallas, square Saturn (ruler of Pallas)

Transiting stationary Pluto novile Russia Pallas, semi-sextile progressed Pallas, trine Jupiter (ruler of Pallas).

I still believe that Barack Obama is a psychopath, but I'm grateful it's him and his somewhat even keel at the nuclear button rather than the reportedly temper-tantrum-prone Hillary Clinton

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