Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Trump Speech 2/28/2017

In his first joint address to the US Congress, President Trump gave a speech which many commentators are calling one of the greatest such speeches in recent US history.  It was direct, clear, powerful, and appeared sincere.  Seemingly as a result, Ben Carson's stalled confirmation as HUD director appears to be back on track and the normally vocal Democrats have fallen almost completely silent.  This speech may turn out to be a "turning of the tide" moment in Trump's reign.

Sun conjunct Neptune in the Fifth House:  dreams (or deception) shine forth.

Mercury conjunct South Node in the Fifth House opposite North Node in Virgo in the Eleventh:  not a lot of the usual boasting -- just a lot of talk about working to improve and repair society.

T-square with Jupiter rising opposite Mars and Uranus on the Descendant, square Pluto at the IC:  optimism and hope on its face, delivering aggressive disruption (Mars/Uranus) and destruction (Pluto) to political enemies (Descendant and IC).

Moon conjunct Venus:  a harbinger of prosperity to the people?

Cancer on the MC:  family/tribe/nation above all else. 

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