Wednesday, March 29, 2017

RyanCare Fail

The transits for last Friday (when Obamacare replacement "RyanCare" failed, time of failure unknown) against Paul Ryan's chart are interesting.

Transiting Sun conjunct Ryan Mars/Chiron: contention and injury.

Transiting Mars square Ryan Sun/Venus: more contention/conflict.

Transiting Ceres trine Ryan Mercury:  language taken away.

Transiting Saturn square Ryan Pluto:  power, restricted.

Transits that day against Trump's chart are also dramatic:

Transiting Mars square Trump Pluto:  a challenge to his power.

Transiting Uranus square Trump Saturn:  disruption of structure/authority.

Cernovitch explains why the RyanCare failure last week was actually a Trump victory.  Pat Buchanan somewhat agrees.  So perhaps this was less damaging to Trump than to his de facto enemy Ryan. 

Transiting Mercury conjunct Obamacare Venus:  good news.

Transiting Jupiter opposite Obamacare Venus:  possibly very good news.

The Republicans chose the wrong week to try to push this bill.   Or did they?  RyanCare is said to be not much different from Obamacare -- which suggests that it, too, would have been financially unviable.  If there's going to be an non-viable health care system, better it be under the banner of the other guy? 

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