Sunday, June 25, 2017

Bitcoin Update

This is a graph of astrological events against the chart for Bitcoin from this past April, through this coming.  The numbers on the graph correspond to the following past and predicted Bitcoin price events:

1.  Pluto station near the Bitcoin progressed Sun:  this is the start of the recent massive price run-up.  Pluto transits against the Bitcoin Sun have in the past indicated massive price spikes, so this is anomalous in that there has not yet been a crash.

2.  Retrograde Jupiter square Bitcoin Sun:  new all-time high.

3.  Direct Jupiter square Bitcoin Sun:  marking the end of Jupiter's inflating influence.  I sold here.  Significant price drop immediately afterwards.

4.  Retrograde Saturn square Bitcoin Saturn:  I anticipate a price drop, possibly relating to the block scaling debate.

5.  Direct Saturn square Bitcoin Saturn:  some kind of resolution to the previous event?

6.  Jupiter exactly opposes Uranus, both square Bitcoin Jupiter:  a potentially significant price spike??

I am not a financial advisor nor even a financial astrologer.  I have, however, had decent luck trading Bitcoin using astrological transits as a guide.  Play at your own risk. 

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