Sunday, July 30, 2017


In the news in recent days:

1.  Obamacare saved by John McCain and turncoat Republicans:  

Transiting Jupiter is square the nodes and quincunx Jupiter of the Obamacare chart and Pluto has just retrograded across the Obamacare North Node.  But Pluto still has one more direct pass against the North Node for Obamacare in December, with Ceres quincunx the same North Node and transiting Neptune going direct while conjunct the Obamacare MC then.  That, and because the law itself is financially unsustainable, it's probably fair to say "it ain't over".

2.  White House personnel changes:

Saturn conjunct Trump's Moon ("struggle/structuring at home") and Uranus trine Trump's ASC (positive unexpected change).

3.  German Nightclub Shooting:

Bloodbath Formula for this chart:
1.  Pallas weakly trine Pluto which is contraparallel Pallas ruler Venus.
2.  Venus squine Neptune, North Node in the Second.
3.  Venus contraparallel Pluto.
4.  Moon ruled by Pluto.
5.  Sun quadrinovile Pluto.
Yes, it's weak.  The formula is stronger for higher-casualty events.

4.  JK Rowling

The "Harry Potter" author's books suggest intelligence and thoughtfulness around ethical issues, as does her horoscope.  So what's with the recent turn into rabid, idiotic, social-justice virtue-signalling?  Transiting Pluto is now sextile her Saturn which rules her Pallas, and her Pallas is at the midpoint.  Sanity may return in a year or so.  Or so hopes this reader. 

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