Sunday, September 17, 2017

St Louis Violence's-acquittal

Pallas represents intelligence, logic, ethics, and one's decision-making and truth-determination processes.  We've seen from many previous examples that Pluto-to-Pallas transits tend to mark ethical crises and/or periods of very bad behavior.  We've also seen that hard transits from Saturn to Pallas also mark periods in which one's normal decision-making process is impaired.  So, bearing these in mind, transiting Pluto at 16 Cap is sextile the St Louis (Nov 9 1809) Pallas at 20 Pis (and very tightly sextile the Pallas-Pluto midpoint at just before 16 Pis) , and transiting Saturn at 21 Sag is square the St Louis Pallas

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