Thursday, September 28, 2017

Hugh Hefner

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner has died.  We all know him as the man who brought sexuality into mass-media, but in the 1960's and thereabouts he was also an ardent supporter of racial equality in a time when it was not always fashionable to be one.  He thus represents a "free speech" and "equal opportunity" champion of the likes of which we have not seen on the Left in recent years.  This libertarian streak as well as other facets of his character are visible in his horoscope.

ApollonianPallas square Mercury.
DionysianPallas widely conjunct Pluto.
Apollo is strong and Dionysos is perhaps somewhat less strong.  On "The Axis of Good and Evil" this puts Hefner on the "Statist" side of the "Libertarian" quadrant.  Pallas-Pluto aspects are  common in those who can strategically exploit Plutonian urges (such as sex).

CapitalistVenus widely sesquiquadrate North Node
CollectivistVenus in Pisces
Looks like a Leftward lean, economically. 

ConservativeNorth Node in Cancer
LiberalMoon in Pisces and South Node in the Fourth House

The Verdict: 
libertarian-ish ethics + collectivist economics + cultural liberalism
        --> libertarian-leaning leftist or "Left Libertarian"
There is a Bloodbath Formula on the chart, but Hefner has not publicly displayed violent tendencies as his "Apollonian" Pallas aspect is enough to keep it in check.  It may, however, be an argument for a personality that is highly controlling of others.  
Some other points:
T-Square with Mars-Jupiter in Aquarius in the Fifth (entertainment through publishing of "communitized" sex) opposite Neptune in Leo in the Eleventh (imagery plus self-expression plus mass culture) square Saturn in Scorpio in the Third (tangible product plus sex plus communication).  

Moon and Venus in Pisces in the Sixth (daily work environment consisting of images of the feminine).

Uranus on the Seventh House cusp: disrupting (the traditions of) relationships/marriage.  

Mercury in the Seventh rules the MC: a career based on communications in the area of relationships.

Chiron in the Eighth: wounds/healing/adjustment in the arena of sex.  

If you look at transits for Hefner's death, you will see a preponderance of Chiron-related transits.  Chiron can kill. 

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