Friday, October 13, 2017

Trump Attacks Obamacare

President Trump has launched a two-pronged executive-branch attack against Obamacare in the aftermath of yet another failed Republican bid to "repeal and replace".  One prong is an executive order to allow Americans to buy insurance across state lines.  The other is a plan to cut federal subsidies to insurers. 

Transiting Pluto (death/change) at 16 Cap is conjunct the Obamacare North Node (receptivity/karma) at 17 Cap.  As Pluto moves slowly, this aspect will probably bring even more changes to Obamacare this year. 

The transiting lunar nodes (change/karma) at 22 Leo and Aqu are square the Obamacare Pallas (intelligence/ethics) at 22 Sco. 

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