Friday, October 27, 2017

Bitcoin Price Dip

When the Bitcoin price moves significantly in a short period of time, it's usually possible to tie the price movement to a current astrological transit.  Dramatic price explosions followed by nearly-as-dramatic crashes have tended to accompany Pluto transits.  The recent Saturn transits both came with temporary but very significant price drops, which came nearly two weeks before the perfection of each transit.  Short-term price jumps or dips of a day or so tend to come with inner-planet transits, often involving Mars (for dips) or Venus (for jumps).

This all makes the nearly 20% price dip which occurred over the past week or so, interesting, because it seems to have been to slow for an inner-planet transit..  and there do not appear to be any outer planet transits which occurred near this time frame.

That is, unless we count the asteroid Ceres (removal/loss) which has just completed a conjunction with the Bitcoin South Node (loss) at 9 Leo.  As we've seen in recent events, Ceres can be be a significant player. 

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