Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Southern California Fires

Off-topic/non-political, but relates to Ceres which is a topic we track here.

Against the Sep 9 1850 12pm Washington DC chart for the State of California, transiting Pluto (death) at 17 Capricorn is conjunct the California Part of Fortune (money) in the Second House at 19 Capricorn and the progressed Venus (value) at 18 Capricorn.  Transiting Ceres (loss/removal) at 17 Leo forms a quincunx with all three points.  Also both transiting Ceres and transiting Pluto form aspects with the California Saturn (structure) at 19 Aries, progressed Ceres at 17 Aries, and progressed Pallas at 19 Pisces (Ceres-Pallas appears to be a regular signature for power outages, which tend to occur in fires). 

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