Saturday, March 31, 2018

US Pulling Back From Syria?

Events such as this, which center on the reduction of the use of force, are "Pallas-positive".  They reliably tend to occur when Pallas is reinforced by transit and/or progression, by the Sun, Mercury, North Node, and/or Pallas herself.

The configuration of the day is Pallas at 0 Gemini septile Sun at 10 Aries and Mercury at 12 Aries, and quintile the North Node at 13 Leo.  The recent Pallas ingress into Gemini is likely also significant, as Gemini is ruled by Mercury.

Today's configuration similarly activates the charts of the US and of President Trump.  Transiting Pallas (0 Gemini) is square the US Pallas (26 Aquarius), semisquare the US Sun (13 Cancer), and square Trump's progressed Sun (1 Virgo).  Transiting Sun (10 Aries) and Mercury (12 Aries) are semisquare the US Pallas (26 Aquarius) and square Trump's Pallas (11 Capricorn). 

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