Friday, May 11, 2018

Israel-Iran Battles

Iran (allegedly) attacks Israel.  Israel (confirmedly) attacks Iran.

We've seen that under Pluto transits to natal or progressed Pallas, people and other entities often behave badly or face ethical challenges.  So in the face of new hostilities of unclear origin between Israel and Iran, it may be interesting to look for such Pluto-Pallas transits against the horoscopes of these nations and their leaders.

Israel (May 14 1948 4:37pm Tel Aviv)
Transiting Pluto at  21 Capricorn square Israel Pallas at 25 Aries and trine progressed Pallas at 21 Taurus.

Netanyahu (Oct 21 1949 9:30am Jerusalem)
Transiting Pluto at  21 Capricorn squine Netanyahu Pallas at 6 Libra and squile progressed Pallas at 4 Scorpio. 

Iran (April 1 1979 3pm Tehran)
No clear aspect unless you count the semi-sextile. 

Assad (Sep 11 1965 Damascus)
No clear aspect

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