Tuesday, July 3, 2018

1983 Arthur Koestler Suicide

Geoffrey Cornelius in his fascinating and groundbreaking work "Moment of Astrology" notes a number of times that no consistent astrological signature for suicide had been found as of the writing of his book.  He suggests in the book that such a signature may never be found because astrology itself does not work in a quantifiably consistent manner.  I am undecided on this question. 

That said, I've examined the charts for a number of suicides on this blog, and there seems to be a recurring pattern of transits involving both Jupiter and Pluto to natal or progressed Pallas of the native.  I do not claim to have disproven Mr. Cornelius, but for entertainment value I extract a suicide chart example from his book (Arthur Koestler, 1983) and point out that my proposed Pallas pattern appears in the chart.

location of death incorrect, time of death unknown... but you get the idea

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