Thursday, July 5, 2018

1993 Pierre Beregovoy Suicide

In keeping with the line of thought from the last post, here's another suicide example from "Moment of Astrology".  (i.e. there seems to be a recurring pattern of transits involving both Jupiter and Pluto to natal or progressed or solar arc Pallas of the native in suicide events)

Transiting Pluto is square the native's solar arc Pallas, and transiting Jupiter is novile/semisquare the same solar arc Pallas (and approaching a trine to the natal Pallas).

suicide location is actually Nevers, France

Again, I do not claim to have disproven Mr. Cornelius' assertion that there is (probably) no quantifiable astrological signature for such events.  I merely raise the possibility that such a signature may exist, one which involves heretofore unconsidered variables. 

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