Saturday, August 11, 2018

Hungary to Ban Gender Studies

Using Oct 23 1989 Budapest for Hungary, transiting Jupiter (education, expansion) at 14 Scorpio is conjunct Hungary's Pluto (death/transformation, power) at 14 Scorpio -- representing both a transformation of higher education and an expansion of power.  Transiting retrograde Saturn (restriction, authority) at 3 Capricorn is conjunct Hungary's Uranus (the "Queer Planet" according to some LGBTQetc astrologers).

This seems somewhat analogous to the recent ban by "big social" internet companies of conservative and libertarian voices in America... except that we have a (culturally) conservative government suppressing liberal voices rather than liberal corporations suppressing conservative voices.  That would indicate that there's something in the skies right now that is fostering censorship and that it's not merely accidental astrological transits against specific parties.

I think it's the current Sun-Mercury-Pallas conjunction (indicating intelligence/strategy/coordination involving speech) square Jupiter (media, but also authoritarianism when square Pallas) and quincunx Pluto (power, authoritarianism when in aspect to Pallas). 

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