Friday, September 7, 2018

Ceres Opposite Chiron

Transiting Ceres at around 0 Libra has been opposite transiting Chiron at around 0 Aries lately.  I associate Ceres with persons or things being "taken away".  I associate Chiron with wounding or breakage.  Here are a couple of contemporaneous events with this configuration.

Japan Earthquake
Using Apr 28 1952 1:30pm Tokyo for Japan, the Ceres-Chiron opposition is square Japan's Ascendant at 0 Capricorn and Japan's Moon at 28 Gemini.

Rahm Emanuel Steps Down
Using Nov 29 1959 2am Chicago for Emanuel, Ceres is on his North Node at 1 Libra (and therefore Chiron is on his South Node).  Also his progressed Moon (ruler of Cancer MC) at 20 Capricorn is conjunct his progressed Ceres at 19 Capricorn. 

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