Thursday, September 27, 2018

On the Kavanaugh Vote

Tomorrow, transiting Pallas will be at 11 Virgo, sextile the US Sun at 13 Cancer and opposite the progressed US Sun at 13 Pisces and progressed US Pallas at 14 Pisces.  These are the kind of "Pallas-positive" factors that were present when Donald Trump won the US presidency.  My suspicion is that on top of being an anti-war, libertarian, somewhat conservative factor, Pallas may also be a in indicator of "truth".  So, given that the sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh appear to be false, maybe this is a "moment of truth" and a victory for the prospective Supreme Court Justice tomorrow.

Kavanaugh is the key figure in the alleged coverup of the murder of Vince Foster (allegedly by the Clintons) and is known for authoritarian neo-conservative views on torture and spying.  If the Democrats were truly interested in justice, they should have been attacking him on those fronts.  His appointment by Trump is a bit dis-appointing. 

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