Saturday, October 13, 2018

Facebook Media Purge

Facebook has landed a massive blow against free speech by purging over 800 accounts both on the political Left and Right this week. The intent seems to be to further the apparent aim of the Big Social media companies to silence all inconvenient sociopolitical views.

This transit chart for the day of the purge displays a number of the special transits we associate with specific types of events on this blog.

Transiting Pluto square Facebook's Pallas suggests a period of ethical crisis in which uncharacteristically unethical behavior is more likely.

Transiting Jupiter quincunx Facebook's Pallas and transiting Uranus sesquiquadrate Facebook's Jupiter fit the standard pattern for an ethics scandal.

Transiting Pallas conjunct Facebook's Jupiter is consistent with transits we've seen for when, in the face of deception, truth emerges. In this case, the deception has been that Facebook is a venue for free speech.

Transiting Ceres trine Facebook's Sun and square Facebook's Ceres very much echoes Ceres' associations with disappearances and removals.

Other transits: South Node (loss) conjunct Facebook's Mercury (speech) in the Seventh House (others). Uranus (change) conjunct Facebook's Mars (action) which rules the Tenth House (public image, structure). Chiron (injury or adjustment) conjunct Facebook's MC (public image, structure). Mars (action) conjunct Facebook's Seventh House Neptune (the deception of "others"?).

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