Thursday, October 25, 2018

Fake Bombs / Migrant Caravan

Two politically-charged stories have been dominant this week. Both have the potential to improve the "optics" for the Democrats in the run-up to next month's US midterm election. Both are surrounded by mainstream media "spin" and suspicious elements which lead many conservatives to believe that they have been manufactured by the Left for PR purposes.

Fake Bombs

The Sun in early Scorpio (death) has been opposite Uranus (explosions?) in early Taurus, and both are square the lunar nodes (fate?). So: death threats (real or false-flag) by bomb, probably intended to alter the fate of the election. Incidentally, the nodes and Uranus all change sign on election day. Surprises will most likely ensue.

Also, I have an inkling that Pallas-Jupiter contacts indicate not only ethics scandals but possibly explosives. Transiting Jupiter at 26-27 Scorpio has been square the US Pallas at 26 Aquarius.

Paul Joseph Watson has questions about the mail bomber. Alex Jones asks: was the suspected bomber a federal informant?

Migrant Caravan

Transiting Neptune (foreign/alien) at 13 Pisces is conjunct the US progressed Sun within minutes of arc. Exact within three days. The next exact hit is in January, and I think the conjunction remains within half a degree the entire time. Probably safe to say that immigration continues to be an issue.

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